March 22, 2008 Southern Harbor Sleds: (26 Photos)


26.   My last snowmobile trip of the season took me back to Southern Harbour on the Easter Holiday long weekend. This time the weather cooperated and we had decent late season snow conditions. Snow was fairly hard but fresh falling snow flurries were enough too keep the sleds cool and the trails decent.



25.   The plan was to leave Southern Harbour Saturday morning taking "Groomed" Provincial Trail-Way west to Clarenville where we would stop for a coffee and fuel. Then we would head back East and travel cross country via map & GPS to Black River where excellent riding conditions had been reported. Young Joe's old Citation was dead after hitting a big jump earlier in the week so he may join up with us on ATV later.


24.   Captain H, Joe Hepditch & I left Southern Harbour and made decent time to Clarenville on the Groomed Trail.  Joe was riding a Polaris RMK, Captain H. a 1996 Formula 583, and I was on Project Renegade.











19.   When we arrived at the warm up shack just east of Clarenville we found the left side trailing arm on Captain Hs sled had come off where it attaches to the body!



18.   Upon inspection we found the washer on the trailing arm bolt failed and the arm pulled off over the bolt. Some trail side ingenuity using the sled's tool kit multi-wrench as a washer got us back on the trail and into Clarenville. With some help from the guys at OMB Supply in Clarenville we made a proper repair with new washers.





16.   After a quick Coffee and a fuel stop we headed out of town East on the Trailway, destination Black River. Unfortunately we didnt get far before Joes Polaris started losing power and shut down. After an hour of trouble shooting, we determined that the engine ran lean and burned down.



15.   Luckily we were only about a mile outside of Clarenville so I hooked a strap onto the RMK and put my 1.25" rip saw track to work towing him back to Clarenville & up over the really steep hill to Tim Horton's. Joe called a friend with a trailer and got a ride back to Southern Harbour.



14.   Joe was the only one of us familiar with Black River so we aborted our cross country adventure to and stuck to trails we were more familiar with. Young Joe & Terry met up with us on ATV and we had a great afternoon exploring side trails through the country all along the Trail-way.









10.   Of course no day in the woods is complete without a boil up for lunch.



















1.   Even though the trip didn't go quite to plan we made the best of it and had a fantastic day on the machines!

Cheers, MIKE

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