Feb 16, 2008 Southern Harbor ATV Run: (32 Photos)


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32.   I was really looking forward to some snowmobiling near Southern Harbour this weekend, as I booked a couple days holidays to make a long weekend for this snowmobile adventure. A week before I was scheduled to leave we had a good snowstorm and snow conditions out there were excellent. Unfortunately mother nature dealt us a terrible hand dishing out  three days of warm temperatures and  rain to the East Coast of our province.



31.   Snow conditions deteriorated from excellent to nearly non existent, with cold temperatures forecasted for the weekend the trails would freeze solid. It looked like melting hyfax, overheating engines and exposed rocks would be in store for snowmobilers.



30.   Like many times before I made best of the situation and went ahead with my trip. Instead of risking damage to Project Renegade, my ATV Project Foreman took its place. The skidoo was wrestled off the trailer during a down pour of rain, the bike revived from hibernation, checked over, and loaded aboard the trailer for departure Friday evening.



29.   Saturday morning Captain H. (with Terry as passenger) and I took our ATV's, while Joe & Scott opted to ride their fan cooled sleds. 



28.   The day brought sunny skies and temperature just south of the zero mark, a great day for winter outdoor activities. With the snowpack hardened traveling by ATV was easy, even snow off the main trails was hard enough to permit travel by wheeled vehicles with relative ease.



27.   We left Meghan's Gas Bar crossed the highway and headed East on the Provincial Trail-Way a short distance to a bike path heading North across some frozen gullies.



26.   This well used trail took us across country towards Trinity Bay and within viewing distance of the Bull Arm Fabrication site. 







23.   Since we had some ice fishing gear with us we stopped to bore a few holes and try our luck. This also helped us determine that the ponds were still safe to traverse especially after the rain this past week.





21.   For lunch we made a fire and before long bacon was sizzling in the pan along with fresh onions. Once cooked a can of beans and wieners was added, meanwhile another pan heated up some bottled moose. This was served with tea and home made bread.











16.   That afternoon we didn’t travel far, overstuffed from lunch we spent our time exploring the area while we were ice fishing. 









12.   Terry also had his first ever opportunity to drive a snowmobile. Riding Joe’s Skidoo Citation he had a few crashes and stucks but most of all a lot of fun.























1.   Even though the weather didn't cooperate for or planned snowmobile run we still managed to have an awesome trip, burn some gas, have lots of laughs and pass the day away in the country!

Cheers, MIKE

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