May 5, 2014 Trepassey House Renovation: (5 Photos)


5.   Last fall I had my first Hunting trip to the Bassan Hunting Shack in beautiful Trepassey. It was a successful hunt and an awesome time! This past weekend we undertook a major project in making the shack much more comfortable during future salmon fishing & hunting excursions.


4.   With Peter out of the country Andrea, Johnny, Alex, Eddy and I arrived at the shack with a pick up load of new Laminate flooring to replace the aging dirty carpet installed all through the house. The first task was to do a major gut job to rid the house of decades worth of clutter and old tired furniture. This was actually the longest part of the job, and with enough "stuff" to fill a couple tandem dump trucks, we were sure glad that the town had a bulk garbage clean up the following week!


3.   With the house empty, and good furniture put aside Alex & Johnny quickly got to work professionally installing the new flooring.


2.   While the boys were installing laminate, Andrea and I took up the toilet and replaced the cushion floor in the bathroom, and later repaired the chimney for the wood stove.


1.   At the end of the day the boys got the living, dining, kitchen and one bedroom done. The following weekend they finished the last two bedrooms, and the end result of our hard work was fantastic. It will sure be a lot easier to clean up and keep dry during the upcoming hunting season!


Cheers, MIKE

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