August 30, 2014 Torbay ATV Run: (12 Photos)


12.   With regards to the number of ATV Riding, Shooting, & Fishing trips go, this has been a pretty lame summer. Earlier this year my Wife and I bought our first house so we've had a very busy summer moving, painting and doing yard work which really cut into my recreational activities!


11.   However on Labor Day weekend Maffer and I made it a point to break out the quads for a ride. One good thing about our new house in Torbay is that I can leave from my driveway and access hundreds of miles of trails in a heartbeat.


10.   Under beautiful sunny skies and warm temperatures we hit the trail bringing us to the airport fence. We didn't have a destination in mind, out goal was to check out every bike path in the area to see where they led.

9.   One path took us to Indian Meal Line, which after crossing the road we were met by the same tangly bog that Andrea Bassan and I fought with last fall, and it was worse today after rainfall this past week. We both got stuck in a mess of bog, logs & tree stumps but were quickly freed by our trusty WARN winches. Somehow a tree got caught up in my frame so the winch worked extra hard to drag my Foreman & full sized log up out of the hole.


8.   We decided to turn around here and head back towards the airport.


7.   We travelled all around to the very end of the airport fence, on our way back we followed a side trail which lead to the farmers fields on back of Indian Meal Line.


6.   Another side trail took us to an active gravel pit where we spent a couple hours climbing steep rock/gravel/sand piles which was freaking awesome.










1.   All in all it was a fantastic day and I cant wait to get out again!


Cheers, MIKE

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