Moose Hunting 2013 Part 1 Patience: (23 Photos)


23.   My Moose hunting career up until this year has been one of procrastination. I spent most of my teenage years moose hunting with my Dad and Uncles, and successfully completed my Firearms Acquisition Course and Hunter Safety Training way back in 1995. Unfortunately my moose license returns fell through the cracks and I never filled out for my  full FAC when I turned 19. But I got everything straightened out a few years ago and this year I applied and was successful in getting an either sex moose license for area 36, The Southern Shore.


22.   Thanksgiving weekend was the first weekend I got up in the woods to look for a moose as the weather was cooler and no rain in the forecast.


21.   Saturday morning Mark French and I headed down the Southern Shore Highway to Gully Pond Road with our Honda Foreman ATV's in tow. We unloaded the bikes before daylight, rode to the end of the gravel road and set up in the same blind that Sooley and Maffer were successful in a few years ago.


20.   For this hunt I Borrowed Mark's Tika 30.06 rifle as I still haven't picked out my own as of yet. We hunted this area for the morning unsuccessfully and headed back to the truck then down the southern shore as far as Ferryland for a mid day drive.


19.   That evening we unloaded on Track Road and headed in the pole line for a look in the area Mark shot his moose in 2008 but were unsuccessful. In the coming days we made a number of trips to both of these areas and one morning while we hunting on the track road pole line, Mark spotted a moose while walking by himself. By the time he got back to the bog where I was set up the animal was spooked and long gone. Attempts to drive the big cow out of the woods were unsuccessful.


18.   We did manage to do a lot of riding on the bikes, covering a lot of ground on many trips to both of these areas. Any time spent enjoying the woods is better then being home or at work!


17.   Since this was my first moose license, I wanted to get in hunting with my dad as it had been years since we hunted together.


16.   Early Monday morning near the end of October I met dad on Salmonier Line and we headed down the shore to Back River, an area where dad has shot a lot of moose over the years.








12.   We had a great day hunting choosing to walk the entire way rather than use the bikes, we didn't see any moose but we had a great boil up and thoroughly enjoyed the beautiful sunny day together.


11.   The following week Maffer joined Dad and I for another hunt at Back River. Maffer took his 2012 Outlander 800, I had Project Foreman, and Dad was riding his 2006 Outlander Max 400.




9.   This time we took out time and rode most of the way in on ATV's stopping to hunt different bogs & cut over's all along the way.


8.   The afternoon was getting short so we made an express run back to the trucks following the licensed ATV trail. Even though its a licensed trail, its still very tangly with many deep bog holes all along the way. There was one particularly deep water hole which was filled with logs. It looked like a nice wooden bridge, but the logs were unattached and floating! Project Foreman pulled through with 4wd and the Front Diff Locker working double duty and pulled through.






5.   We got a little dirty, Dad and Maffer both got stuck a few times, but we had a great hunt and a fun ride!


4.   Throughout the fall I made a lot of solo runs all over the southern shore, as far as Ferryland checking out different hunting areas, scouting trails and paths in truck, on foot and on bike.




2.   Its hard to pass up a beautiful day in the woods!


1.   Check out my trip to Trepassey for the conclusion to my 2013 Moose Hunt!


Cheers, MIKE

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