Summer 2013 Recreational Food Fishery: (21 Photos)


21.   The Summer Recreational Food Fishery ran from July 20 to August 11, 2013 which encompasses four weekends.


20.   As I was late getting back from my Alberta Vacation, and Mark French on call all of the first weekend of the fishery, our first sojourn on Conception Bay wasn't until the early hours of Monday morning.




18.   Justin, Mark and I left the dock at 5am aboard Cloud9 and headed out on the bay.










13.   We managed to get our quota and were back to the wharf with some nice sized fish at around 8:30am, not a bad start to our summer fishery!









8.   Mark and I managed to sneak in a few trips on the bay throughout the fishery in between work commitments and poor weather conditions.


7.   Our best trip was one of the last days of the summer fishery when Sooley, French and I headed to Cape St. Francis in search of monster cape fish.


6.   With Mark at the helm, we were not disappointed as he guided the boat right on top of some very nice fish!


5.   Some wouldn't even fit in the oversize cooler we carry in the boat!






2.   At the end of the evening we had a five gallon bucket of fillet from our 15 fish.


1.   Overall the summer fishery was a success, we managed to get out on a few early morning trips, had a couple evening runs where one time we were rammed by that pirate Paul French of Portugal Cove! We also came across a few characters on the bay, such as those Tucker's from the Cove and Bassan's from Torbay. One evening on the way back from Cape St. Francis we helped a stranded boater who's outboard motor broke down just off Bauline.


Cheers, MIKE

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