Summer 2012 Trouting: (8 Photos)


8.   This summer was probably one of the busiest that I can remember with regards to the amount of time spent building stuff. There was so much construction this year that I dedicated a whole page to it which can be found on the Summer 2012 Page. Somewhere in between sawing lumber and hammering nails, a few of us managed to sneak off for an evening trouting. We didn't get out often, but most of the evenings we did get away were very fruitful, all of them were fun!


7.   On my first and only evening away, Mark French and I went into lucky gully for a flick. Straight away Mark and I got into a couple nice trout, landing a few fit for the pan. Later I started casting into deeper water and on my 4th or 5th cast using only a Rainbow Croc Spinner, I hooked into something awesome. I didn't know how big it was, but I could feel it was going to be epic. After 5-10 minutes of reeling and letting the drag out, I landed my prize. By landing I mean pounced on it like a cat and soaking my right leg in the pond, I wasn't letting this one get away!




5.   When we got home we hung this big brown trout on a scale and found it to be a whopping 6.1lbs, a personal best by a long shot! The smaller of the trout were still great pan size trout!


4.   A few nights later, Mark & Justin went back into our secret location and managed to catch a few nice fish, while Mark managed to land another large brown trout! This one weighed about 4.5-5lbs, still a record for many of us!






1.   All in all it was a fantastic few trips in the woods!


Cheers, MIKE

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