September 1-3, 2012 Labor Day Weekend: (26 Photos)


26.   After a very busy summer, some of the crew took advantage of the awesome weather and headed to Maffer's cabin in Tors Cove for the Labour Day long weekend.


25.   Maffer and his son Gavin, Sooley and his daughter Erin joined Sandra and I, Justin & Tonia, and Ron Antle for a couple nights in the country.


24.   After getting settled away Saturday morning, I headed out for a run on the bike to check out some trails in the area. While out and about I found a fine stash of untouched blueberry bushes which were chock full of berries.






21.   Later that afternoon Sooley and Erin joined Sandra and I on the pole line and picked a few gallons of berries in no time.




19.   That evening we all enjoyed an awesome steak diner followed by a campfire out behind the cabin.














12.   Sunday morning Maffer and I started cleaning up around the cabin by pulling out alder bushes which were quickly encroaching on the cabin.




10.   That afternoon Sooley and Erin took Maffer's bike to go blueberry picking and promptly got stuck on the pole line. I went out on the recovery mission and had him rescued in no time.


9.   Since the bike was full of bog, Maffer decided it best to wash it off in the pond after they got back to the cabin.




7.   All went well as Maffer and I washed our bikes by running it through the pond, this removes most of the heavy mud from the suspension of the bikes.


6.   All was going well until Maffer hit a rock while doing a water wheelie and drove his brand new bike out into deep water.


5.   I pulled the stalled bike to shore with my Honda Foreman, and towed it all the way back to the cabin. The brand new bike was completely full of water from the air box to the base pan.


4.   We spent the next couple hours taking off the plastics to access drain points, and to remove the spark plugs. There must have been 10 gallons of water in various parts of the bike, but we got it all properly drained and running in no time. Unfortunately we couldn't do any riding as we found enough oil to do a few oil changes, but we had to do quite a few more to get all the water out of the engine, transmission, and differentials.


3.   On our last day at the cabin, everyone but Maffer, Ron, Gavin and I were gone home, so the three of us decided to install a new door on the cabin. The new door has a full glass and a screen door which lets a lot more light into the living room.




1.   Even with one sunken bike, we all had a great time at the cabin, its hard to have a great trip without some sort of excitement! When we got back to town, Maffer and I had his bike back in tip top shape in just a couple evenings in the shed.


Cheers, MIKE

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