October 21, 2012 - SJRGC Trap Shoot: (4 Photos)



4.   Fall is here, and its been a busy one to say the least. Garage work is continuing at Mark's house, hunting trips are in full swing, and everyone handling a full work schedule as well! This weekend Mark French and his Dad are in Glenwood Moose Hunting, and some of the crew were working, so I decided to take a run out to the Rod and Gun Club for the weekly Sunday Trap Shoot. Even though we are nearing the end of October, temperatures were still in the mid teens. Monty and I set up the trap equipment, and by lunchtime there was a pretty decent crowd out for the shoot. Throughout the day people came and left so we had just over a dozen shooters participating. On most Sunday Shoots, people can drop by to shoot a single round or stay and shoot every round where there is space on a squad.


3.   My day went very well. This event was just the 2nd time using my new Browning Citori 725 over and under Shotgun, and I'm still getting a feel for it. My Benelli Super Nova Pump has been officially retired from regular Trap duty, and with over 4600 rounds of trap shot with this gun, I'm sure it appreciates the break!


2.   I started the day with 2 scores of 18/25, followed by a 21, then a 22 out of 25. On my last round of singles my round was shaping up to be my personal best as I cleared each station with no targets missed. On my last station, with heart racing in anticipation I broke all five targets for a perfect score 25/25! Its not an easy feat to conquer this for the first time, I've been chasing this score for almost 2 years now!


1.   Keeping with tradition, when you get your first 25, your fellow shooters get to shoot at your hat. (not while your wearing it of course!) I rarely wear a hat so I grabbed one from my truck, loaded it up with a few clay targets and threw it up for the squad. Bob, Troy, Andrea, Paul and Jimmy all fired up and I'm pretty sure no one missed as the hat is now in hard shape!

What an excellent way to spend the day!


Cheers, MIKE

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