May 14, 2012 - Goulds ATV test run: (8 Photos)


8.   With the May 24th holiday weekend rapidly approaching, Maffer and I wanted to be prepared for our first long distance ATV ride which was planned for that weekend. Maffer wanted to get the last couple break in hours logged on his new Can Am Outlander so he could do his first service,


7.   and I wanted to test out my rear axle rebuild. The rear axel stripped out last Fall during the annual hunting trip in Tors Cove and I've ridden in Front Wheel Drive (thank god for the front diff locker) for the last couple rides.


6.   Monday evening after work, we loaded up the bikes and headed to Northern Pond Road dropping the bikes where the old Tourist Chalet used to be. From there we headed in Northern Pond Road passing the park & chicken farm before turning right onto the trail to Thomas Pond. From there we crossed the dam and headed west on the transmission line towards Foxtrap.


5.   I cant begin to explain how nice it is to have my bike working well again. 4wd makes tangly power line trails a breeze again, and riding is so much more comfortable in rear wheel 2wd. I had been fighting front wheel torque steer on the last couple rides, and traction was absolutely horrible.


4.   From there we went around Dog Pond on the pole line and did a loop back out onto Foxtrap Pasture Land road, heading in the road for a spell.


3.   We made it through the fields and onto the open country, we eventually turned around and headed to a trail which took us to Northern Pond Road.




1.   From there we crossed over to the Goulds where we climbed the hills in the pit by Bay Bulls Big Pond stopping to give the bikes a quick rinse in the river. Finally we headed out Chicken Farm road and back to the trucks. It was a great ride, Maffer will never forget to wear Rubber Boots again, and we logged the necessary miles for his first service.


Cheers, MIKE

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