June 30, 2012 - Long's Trap Shoot: (11 Photos)


11.   Last September, Steve Long was introduced to trap shooting at a Saturday Trap Shoot organized my Mark French and I held at the St. John's Rod & Gun Club. He had such a good time that he asked Mark and I if we could arrange a similar event event this year for the shed-headz crew. So we made all the necessary arrangements and organized a great day shooting!


10.   The day began with registration and followed with Mark's safety briefing where he went over range rules & etiquette and handling of the different shotguns we would be using.


9.   Many of our crew either shoot semi-regularly or at least once last year, and the guys had a great day.


8.   This year we had a couple of first time shooters who got hooked on the sport right away.




6.   By the end of the day scores improved, and we even had a couple games of slider.






3.   This game consists of shooting trap at distances of 16-27 yards from the trap house at each of the five stations. Its a great game, even my 24" barrel Browning 20 gauge was breaking targets at the 27 yard line!


2.   The shoot ended around suppertime when we cleaned up and shut down the range.


1.   That evening Long's stag party was hosted by Bill at his house in Paradise where refreshments and awesome snacks were enjoyed well into the night!


Cheers, MIKE

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