Hunting Season 2012: (7 Photos)


7.   As mentioned many times this year, this has been by far the busiest summer I can remember in our crew. In addition to our day jobs, it seems that just about everyone had some sort of project underway, many of them large. Of course we all try to get out and lend a hand when possible, and especially when necessary. Even though we missed the first day of the Food Fishery, Mark and I did not miss opening day of Duck & Grouse hunting, which began on September 15, 2012.


6.   We grabbed our guns and headed towards Witless Bay Line to see what was on the move. We seen a beautiful flock of a dozen  or more Canada Geese near Soldiers Pond on the highway but never had an opportunity for a shot. Of course there are almost always ducks in the farmers fields near Mount Pearl, they must know that its illegal to hunt these particular fields as they are always there!


5.   Throughout the day of cruising and walking our favourite hunting grounds, we did manage to bag 3 ducks and one grouse. We do not have a set up or equipment to set out a duck blind/decoys, but its something we have talked about for future hunts. 

On our way back to town we stopped into the Burnt Hills on back of the Goulds where I managed to bag 2 more Grouse back to back. All in all a great first day.


4.   With our busy schedules we didn't get out as much as we would have liked, but we did manage to take a Saturday and get out coyote hunting. Early one morning Mark, Justin and I headed to the Goulds and made a couple sets in the farmer's hay fields.


3.   I set up my FoxPro Spitfire caller and we each had our .223 rifles, Justin being brand new to the hunt. Although we didn't see anything, we did manage to scout out some additional places to set up future coyote hunts where we wouldn't be disturbed by other hunters.


2.   I did manage to try out my Stevens Model 200 .223 rifle with its brand new Boyd's thumbhole laminate wood stock. It greatly changed how my rifle feels, looks great and handles great.


1.   Justin got out for a morning Grouse hunt on his own in October and managed to shoot one Grouse. It was the sickest, saddest Grouse I ever seen, I guess being so mangy it was an easy shot! LoL Just kidding Justin.

Even though it wasn't our busiest hunting season, and very crappy weather ruled out our annual hunting trip to Tors Cove, it was still a pretty successful season. Although bird season is coming to a close, we hope to get in more coyote hunting from now until it closes in the spring.


Cheers, MIKE

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