Summer 2012 Recreational Food Fishery: (13 Photos)


13.  The Recreational Summer Food Fishery 2012 ran from July 21 to August 12, 2012. As mentioned in other articles, we were kept quite busy with various construction projects so Mark and I managed to only get out three times during the summer portion of the fishery.


12.   We had a little pre season work to do on French's boat, which included replacing a leaky hydraulic steering ram on the motor, installing a new switch plate for all the 12 volt accessories, and general maintenance stuff like waxing and oil/filter changes. Thankfully the time we spent last year waterproofing the storage compartments was well worth it as there was no water in any of them. The stereo still works great, and the floor lighting has been very handy.


11.   The first evening we managed to get away, we went off the ledge behind Bell Island.


10.   I managed to land a 30lb codfish, while mark landed a solid 25lb fish at the same time! We didn't get our quota, but all 8 fish were decent in size.








6.   Another night my wife Sandra joined Mark and I and we headed to the ferry run in Portugal Cove.


5.   We didn't catch much, and we didn't catch as many fish as Paul French and his friend Stephanie. Paul being a good sport didn't rub it in once to his cousin Mark that he was a better fish finder. He in fact rubbed it in a good dozen times!









2.   Our third trip was an early morning rise that found us in Portugal Cove just as it became light. Again we managed to get 8 of our 10 fish allowed, all decent size, before heading in to get to work on time.


1.   The fall fishery ran from September  22, 2012 to September 30, 2012. Mark and I got out once, one evening in the middle of the week, while Mark got in a couple additional trips over the weekend. I got out once more in Bay Roberts with Dad, my Brother and his Girlfriend. Catches weren't great, but an evening on the water is better then just about anywhere else!


Cheers, MIKE

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