April 6, 2012 - Goulds ATV Run: (22 Photos)


22.   Winter is loosing its icy grip on the trails and back roads here on the east coast. The snow from last weekends storm is rapidly melting, and ponds, brooks, and water holes opening up even quicker. I love winter and snowmobiling but if I cant use the sled come-on with good weather so I can use the bike!


21.   Today is Good Friday so Maffer, young Gavin and I took advantage of the holiday, loaded up the bikes and headed to the Goulds for an ATV ride and a cook-up. Growing up I fondly remember getting out in the woods with Dad for a ride or drive and most important a camp fire cook up. I was only too happy to enjoy the day with Maffer and his son Gavin as they keep the tradition alive.


20.   The skies were clear and sun was shining brightly on the soft muddy roads in the Goulds. Snow was spotty on the roads, but the tighter woods trails were still well covered. The snow was nice and hard so travelling was easy, even for my still broken - front wheel drive only, Honda Foreman! Temperatures lately have been on the warm side so bogs and water holes were opening up making some trails difficult for a 2wd bike. Two wheel drive front wheel drive is completely different than rear wheel drive on a Foreman. Its just about completely useless! You cant imagine the difference until you have to go through it.


19.   We checked a couple of the paths that cross from the Goulds Fields to Northern Pond Road and they were too tangly for my bike. We ended up riding in another road (which usually has a locked gate in the summer), going to the end, and climbing the bank to get to Northern Pond Road. I winched my way over, Maffer had no trouble on any of the trails on his new CanAm Outlander 800.


18.   Once we got to Northern Pond Road, we turned left and headed into one of the clearings to have a cook-up. We gathered firewood, and I got a fire going with some kindling I brought from home, and my secret fire starter. Lunch consisted of fire roasted hot dogs (which Gavin was super excited about), a tin of beans, and a tin of stew.












12.   After lunch we loaded up and headed out Northern Pond Road to the path that leads to the Foxtrap Pasturelands.


11.   Breaking out onto the fields we saw that the big deep puddle was pretty well open, which I figured would be a bit tangly for my broken Foreman.


10.   I dropped steeply off the ice ledge into the hole, and with some persuasion and 2nd gear flat out driving, I made it across the "iceberg" filled mess.


9.   Since Maffer had Gavin with him, he elected to go around the hole and cross a water spot about 6' across. Unfortunately he found out this crossing was about 3' deep and very muddy!


8.   Once Maffer got into it, Gavin got off and watched with me as Maffer drove the beast out of the hole.


7.   It only took two attempts and the bike popped right out, which is pretty darn impressive for a stock bike!


6.   He then went into the big water hole to wash off the mud and pulled a water wheelie all the way back through the hole!


5.   We took a run out across the pasturelands and turned around near the old tin shack, which I was disappointed to see had finally collapsed.


4.   The ride back was great, the paths were smooth since snow covered most of the rocks, stumps, dips and bumps.




2.   We returned to the Goulds via Chicken Farm Road, and continued on to Ruby Line where we parked the trailers.


1.   All in all it was another awesome day in the woods, Maffer got a few more break in miles logged, and I've got to get my parts installed!


Cheers, MIKE

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