April 22, 2012 - First Trap Shoot-2012: (5 Photos)


5.   With the snow melted and the trap fields released from their icy, wintry grip, the Trap Committee of the St. John's Rod & Gun Club decided it was time to reinstall the target throwers in the trap houses for the 2012 shooting season. On this beautiful early Sunday morning, a crew of us loaded up the machines in St. Phillip's and headed out to the club.


4.   By noon we had 3 machines installed, tested, and ready to go. The 4th machine is a brand new electro-hydraulic Pat Trap which will be installed later after some renovations are made to 'B' trap house.


3.   After an awesome lunch provided by Monty of Monty's place in Whitbourne, we geared up and spent the afternoon shooting. I surprised myself by shooting a 17, 19 & 21 in singles, which isn't bad after a 5 month break from the sport!


2.   I'm still struggling with doubles, but with some tips & guidance from Troy Coldwell I'm steadily honing my technique, which is helping me improve greatly.


1.   Mark French also shot well, and also got a chance to fire his brand new Beretta DT-10 trident Trap gun for the first time. Its a beautiful gun, very well built and beautiful to shoot. All in all, an awesome day!


Cheers, MIKE

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