November 27, 2011 Fall Trap Shooting: (3 Photos)




3.   As you've noticed by now, French and I spend quite a bit of time Trap Shooting at the St. John's Rod and Gun Club. For me, I spend a lot more time there in the Fall when I have more free time, and just like last year there were a few diehards who continued to shoot with us late into the season.


2.   This past Sunday, French, Monty, Dave Beaudry, OMB and I braved snow and cold temperatures to fire off a couple hundred rounds trap shooting.


1.   Monty usually brings an awesome lunch, and we all chip in to make the day run smooth. It may be cold, but shooting little orange clays is always worth some snow, rain, cold, or even all of the above! I don't know how many weekends we have left as we've already had one snowstorm so the trap machines will probably be removed and put in storage very soon.


Cheers, MIKE

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