November 5, 2010 Fall Hunting Trip: (11 Photos)


11.   This year, none of the crew had a Big Game license, but as usual we headed to Maffer's Cabin in Tors Cove on the Southern Shore for a few days small game hunting. Sooley, Maffer and Janes arrived on Wednesday, while French and I arrived Thursday evening.


10.   It was a great couple days for hunting as the weather was clear and dry.


9.   Friday morning French and I put our shotguns into our ATV gun boots and headed over to Cape Pond road and rode into the back country looking for Grouse.


8.   Having seen and shot them in there earlier that fall, we were disappointed not to spot any that morning.


7.   On the way out we met up with Maffer, Janes and Sooley who had left the bikes and walked in around the river and also didn't see anything. Sooley did manage to to a good job of getting the bike stuck on a log in the ditch, and we all helped by laughing until he got it out.



6.   That afternoon French and I put out a bunch of rabbit slips behind the cabin, while the guys went looking for something to shoot, once again with no luck.


5.   That evening we put on an awesome BBQ, with steaks marinated in a wicked new sauce by Diana.


4.   Saturday French and I checked our slips and found one rabbit, which is certainly better then nothing at all. We took up our slips as we were heading back to town that evening. Later that day, we hopped on the bikes again and headed over towards mobile first pond road, where we crossed the pipe for the Hydro Station and headed over to the pole line. We travelled on the pole line exploring lots of side trails for hours without seeing a single thing. French eventually got bored so we set up a few targets and fired off a few shots on a bog. French got his trick shot down pat, ejecting a shell from his Browning BPS pump, and shooting the spent shell before it hit the ground!


3.   Meanwhile Maffer's young fella Gavin came up to the cabin, and he, Maffer, Sooley and Janes drove to Gully Pond road in search of Grouse. This time luck was with them and they spotted three birds and shot all three birds. All in all it was a much more productive day.



1.   That evening French and I headed home to get ready for the annual Turkey Shoot at the St. John's Rod and Gun club the next day. It was an awesome event, my shooting has greatly improved since my first event at the Ducks Unlimited Shoot earlier that fall. The gun club crew had a fine feed of Deep Fried Turkey and all the trimmings to match. It was a great end to a great weekend.


Cheers, MIKE

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