Summer 2010 Recreational Food Fishery: (6 Photos)


6.   This summer's Recreational Ground Fish fishery opened July 24, 2010 and ran until August 15, 2010. Like many sportsman, the shed-headz crew was eager to get out and take part in this great Newfoundland tradition.




4.   French and I made many trips over the three weeks the fishery was opened, and although we didn't always get our quota, we had a lot of fun.




2.   Leaving from St. Phillip's we normally headed towards Portugal Cove, and sometimes as far as Bauline. One fine Saturday morning we rounded Cape St. Francis to a ground known for great fishing. You have to be very careful of the weather and the swells out there as you are right out in the North Atlantic, and not in the shelter of the bay.


1.   The fall fishery ran from September 24, 2010 to October 3, 2010, but was extended by one week due to disruptions caused by Hurricane Igor. With weather and other hunting commitments, we didn't make it out for the fall fishery this year.


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