September 2010 ATV Run St. John's: (1 Photo)



1.   This summer, Steve Long picked up a new Yamaha Grizzly 700 ATV, and has been after me all summer to get out for a run. I finally got a chance to meet up with Steve, Todd, and a few other fella's for a run this past weekend. We unloaded the bikes at the Irving on the TCH just outside town, and headed down the trail alongside the highway to Northern Pond Road. From there crossed the dam at Thomas's Pond then headed west on the pole line. Some of the hills and bogs on the pole line were tangly, but we eventually made it to Pasture Land Road in Foxtrap.

Here one of the guys developed engine trouble on his Kodiak 450, and ended up hitching a ride to Irving to get his trailer as the bike wouldn't run. While we were waiting, a few of us took a run in the pole line behind Dog Pond in Foxtrap for a little exploring.

Once Tony had his bike loaded, the rest of us headed back in Pasture Land road taking the connecting trails to Northern Pond Road, and then headed over to the Goulds, taking a bunch of small trails around the back of Bay Bulls Big Pond. After giving the bikes a quick rinse in the river we headed back to to the trucks at Irving. All in all it was a great day.


Cheers, MIKE

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