Sept 5-7, 2009 Southern Harbor Labor Day: (9 Photos)


9.   This is the first Labour Day weekend in awhile that Sandra and I haven't had anything planned with regards to a cabin trip or holiday. Instead we hit the road for Southern Harbour and relaxed at Sandra's Mom's house, making plans as we went and simply enjoyed the weekend. I was excited to load up Project Foreman for my 2nd run since major repairs took place this summer.


8.   Saturday morning Captain H, Terry and I left Southern Harbour on ATV and headed in the Old Road towards Little Harbour. We spent the day exploring many many side trails all over the country side, often going way off the beaten track, sometimes making our own trail. We managed to pick quite a few berries along the way as well.


7.   Sunday morning the three of us headed back to this area taking a side trail to the old Lead Mine Site in LeManche-PB. We were surprised to see that heavy equipment had been down there and had widened the trail all the way to the old mine site. At the site they had filled in the large sink holes left over from the mining days. Although this covers up a very interesting history of the area, it also makes the area much safer as well.


6.   Climbing steeply out of the mine site we followed a trail which leads to a small pond back in the country. This is a great trail, its quite tricky in places but a fun ride. There are a couple good steep hill climbs, and a couple muddy sections hiding sticks and stumps all along the way.


5.   At the pond the boys have an old flat bottom boat that we launched and paddled around trolling for a few trout. We never had much luck with the fish, but it was an adventure all the same as this boat is a three man operation. Its quite leaky so one person paddled, one fished and the other bailed water out!


4.   Sunday afternoon young Joe joined our trio on his Yamaha Banshee and we headed east on the railway track past Little Harbour to Rantem Trinity Bay.


3.   This is a small fishing village which was resettled in the 60's is now home to a few weekend cabin owners. Its a beautiful little community nestled between the sea and high hills.




1.   All in all we had a fantastic weekend. The weather was great and we logged lots of miles on the Bikes. I'm happy to report that Project Foreman continues to work well and I'm really pleased with its new look.


Cheers, MIKE

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