May 8, 2009 Southern Harbor ATV Run: (9 Photos)



9.   On Saturday morning young Joe, Captain H. and I left Southern Harbor on ATV and headed East on the Provincial Trailway for a change of scenery since we usually explore the country West of Arnold's Cove. I was riding Project Foreman, Captain H his high mileage Grizzly 660 and Joe his Yamaha Banshee.


8.   Our destination was Whitbourne to check and where we could get fuel and scout out where the track split and turned towards Argentia for a possible future trip. We had a great ride along the track and found it pretty smooth especially compared to the sections of trailway from Arnolds Cove to Clarenville.






5.   After stopping for a lunch just West of Long Harbor we were riding along when I heard a loud crack from the rear end of my Foreman ATV, and lost power to the rear wheels.


4.   Upon investigation I found that the U-joint in the rear shaft had failed and jammed up inside the swing arm tube. Normally, taking out the broken pieces would allow me to continue in 2wd (front wheels turning), unfortunately when everything jammed up, the output shaft on the engine bent, which tore the oil seal and cracked the rear engine case causing a big oil leak. With enough oil in the engine, I rode it 3-400 yards to Long Harbor Access Road and called for a ride.


3.   Fortunately my (future) Mother in Law came to Long Harbor Road with a pickup truck and I managed to get it aboard with little trouble using a snowmobile loading ramp on site. Not wanting to ruin the guys ride I told them to continue on towards Whitbourne.


2.   No Reverse means manual labor!


1.   On our way home we got a call from Joe saying Captain H's Grizzly shut off and would not restart, so once my bike was unloaded at Southern Hr, we turned around and headed to Whitbourne with the two trucks to pick up Joe & Captain H! With our crew it never rains but it pours in regards to mechanical break downs!!!

All in all, this is the 1st time in 11 years I have ever been towed out of the country on my Foreman. Project Foreman is currently home at Area51 and will be repaired over the summer. The Grizzly broke a timing chain tensioner and is also in pieces awaiting the installation of a new timing chain, tensioner, and possibly valves.


Cheers, MIKE

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