May 23, 2009 Jack's Pond Park Boating: (3 Photos)



3.   Since the bikes are still broken down, the Southern Harbor crew and I have stepped up our effort in finding a boat and motor suitable for the upcoming food fishery and to use exploring the islands of Placentia Bay. If all works out we will have some great boating adventures to write about this summer in addition to our regular ATV trips!


2.   After much searching and a lot of dead ends Captain H finally found a boat that he thinks will suit our needs. Its a 15' Fiberglass Boat that's a little old but in great shape. Once we found the boat we managed to track down a great Yamaha Enduro 40hp Outboard which should drive this craft well. Once we got the motor home, we set it up in a barrel of water to get it started and tuned. Once the motor was installed on the boat we decided to take it out on a test run. Not wanting to test our luck breaking down in Placentia Bay, (especially given our recent run of luck with our ATV's!!!) we headed to Jack's Pond Park to launch the boat in the pond.


1.   We had a great couple hours running around the pond, and for an old boat and older motor, it all ran great!!! The boat is fairly stable on the water and comes up on plane quickly. We're not sure on the size of the boat though, and if we can find a boat 18-19" and a little wider we may trade up for a little more room, especially since we will be using it frequently on the Salt Water.


Cheers, MIKE

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