July 1, 2009 Southern Harbor Boating: (13 Photos)


13.   Its Canada Day and what better way to spend it then on the bay on a beautiful day. After a couple weeks getting the new larger boat ready we finally launched it yesterday evening for our first run on July 1, 2009. It was a beautiful day with no wind and clear sunny skies.


12.   Captain H. and I fired up the old Yamaha Enduro 40 and headed out of Southern Harbor towards Long Island in the middle of Placentia Bay.






9.   Our destination was Haystack where we would stop at Tom & Linda's cabin for lunch.


8.   After eating a sandwich and exploring the resettled community for an hour or so, we hopped back in the boat and headed back along the shore of Long Island checking out each cove as we traveled to the head of the island.


7.   Once we rounded the head, we headed further  across the bay to Brule where we stopped to chat with an old Skipper for a bit, and have a look around the old stores and wharves.








3.   Once we left Brule we headed back towards Long Island to Spencer's Cove, where many people have built cabins in the long resettled fishing community.


2.   Like Haysack, Spencer's Cove is a beautiful quiet community. After chatting with a couple of the cabin owners, we left Spencer's Cove, rounded the head of long island and headed back across the bay to Southern Harbor.


1.   It was a great day on the water, the wind stayed below 5km/h, the sun was bright and the boat worked very well on its maiden voyage.


Cheers, MIKE

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