Aug 2, 2009 Southern Harbor Food Fishery: (5 Photos)



5.   Well the second weekend of the 2009 Recreational Food Fishery has come and gone. Saturday turned out to be a rather poor day weather-wise so SAndra and I opted to spend the day in Clarenville. We visited baby Gracie, and did some shopping at Canadian Tire, Mercer's Marine and Home Hardware.


4.   The weather on Sunday was much better, although we had to wait until lunchtime for the wind to drop out before we could leave. Captain H., young Joe and I headed out of Southern Harbour and crossed the bay to the Bread & Cheese islands. We dropped our lines at a few places along the eastern shore of the islands landing only a couple fish. We continued along the eastern shore of Long Island all the way to haystack and never really found any great quantity of fish. I caught one codfish and a red fish.


3.   Leaving Haystack we headed directly across the bay towards Little Harbour where we finally found a few fish. We never struck fish like we did the previous weekend, but our catch was now up to 12 fish between the 3 of us. Heading back up the shore towards LaManche, we managed to fill our daily limit just as the wind began to pick up.


2.   Heading back to Southern harbour out motor decided to foul both spark plugs (most likely due to too much oil in the mixed gas). Luckily we were equipped with an anchor and managed to stay put while we changed plugs. At first it didn't seem like the motor would restart. Joe & I began to row with our emergency oars, but 10 minutes later the flooded motor cleared and fired right up! When the plugs fouled the un-burnt gas flooded the motor making it hard to start. We made it into the harbour and to the wharf with no other troubles, and looked forward to another meal of fresh fish!


1.   This week I also had my own new filleting knife and sharpening steel, so the task of filleting our catch was much easier!


Cheers, MIKE

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