Aug 22, 2009 Southern Harbor ATV Run: (10 Photos)


10.   With the motor on Captain H's boat out of order (wont stay running - not making power) we decided to get in an ATV run instead.


9.   I was also excited to finally get to ride Project Foreman on its first run after major repairs this past summer from my breakdown in May. Not only was I sporting a repaired rear driveshaft, I was sporting a new look as well since I installed my Camo wrap while everything was apart. This wrap is a Natural Gear pattern which is the pattern used by Honda on the 2009 Foreman, I also painted the Engine and Wheels black just like the new Camo bikes. 






6.   Saturday morning Capain H, young Joe and I hopped on the bikes and headed West on the track to Port Blandford, stopping here and there to check out a few side trails. We made a pit stop in Clarenville to visit Tyson & Anastasia and to get gas.


5.   The track which becomes the Groomed Snowmobile trail in winter is in great shape past Clarenville. There has been a lot of work done to widen and smooth the trail which is always a blessing for ATV riders! We made decent time to Port Blandford where we stopped for gas and to get a lunch at the Gas bar.








1.   Since time was getting late we turned around and headed back to Southern Harbour, all in all a great day trip! I'm also pleased to say that project Foreman is working well with no hiccups the whole trip.


Cheers, MIKE

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