April 25, 2009 Southern Harbor ATV Run: (14 Photos)


14.   After finally getting all of my parts in I managed to get the bike back together just in the nick of time for the weekend. I ordered and installed a new Front Disc Brake Upgrade kit to replace the aging drums, and performed some minor repairs including a CV joint boot and a new wheel bearing.


13.   Friday evening I loaded up and headed out the highway for Southern Harbor for my first run of the year. I was doubly excited as young Joe just picked up a 2003 Banshee earlier  today so an exciting weekend lay ahead!




11.   Saturday morning Terry, Captain H, Joe and I left Southern Harbor and headed west on the track towards Goobies stopping here and there to check out many side trails. We didn't really have a destination or a plan, we were just enjoying the beautiful weather and the ride.


10.   There are lots of scenic places to visit all throughout this area, for example the river delta in Come by Chance is a great spot to stop for a cook up.


9.   Joe's new bike was working great the only downside is that the Banshee has a small gas tank so you have to carry extra to get the same range as other machines. Its certainly not bad on fuel, and is pretty damn quick too!!!






6.   We ended our trip with a run to the Old Mine & Beach at LaManche Placentia Bay meeting up with Scotty along the way.


5.   This is one of my favorite stops in this area, a place with unbelievable scenery, neat history coupled with some interesting challenges for ATV's getting to and from the beach.








1.   My newly installed disc brake kit was working great getting better and better all day as the new pads broke in the stopping power increased. All in all it was a fantastic run on the bikes!


Cheers, MIKE

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