November 6-9, 2008 Moose Hunting Trip: (8 Photos)


8.   This past Thanksgiving holiday weekend was very successful for French, Matthew French, Sooley and Maffer as they went on another moose hunting adventure to Maffer's cabin in Tors Cove. French had a big game license for area 36-Southern Shore so they loaded up the trucks and headed down the shore for the weekend.





6.   Saturday came and went with no sign of moose and Sunday hunting was still not allowed in Newfoundland at this time of year. The guys took advantage of the down day and went animal scouting preparing for the next day's hunt. They decided to head in the pole line at the end of track road in Mobil by ATV to the 2nd large bog scouting area along the way.



5.   They were just about to leave and move on to another area when Matthew made one last call with the electronic moose caller. The guys spotted movement on the opposite side of the marsh and sure enough a Cow Moose walked out of the woods, followed by two more!


4.   French knew if there were that many Cows in the area likely there was a Bull nearby. Sure enough about 10-15 minutes later out walked a beautiful big bull moose and crossed the bog to the next droke of woods!


3.   Early Monday morning the guys loaded up and went back to the pole line. It took awhile making calls with the caller but eventually the cows came out of the woods, but the bull would not show himself.


2.   Waiting a few minutes, Matthew switched calls and started using a bull challenge call, and sure enough the big bull from the previous day came out of the woods snorting and grunting ready to spar! He came across the bog digging in his large antlers sending bucket full's of bog skyward, snorting and drooling all over the place. Mark made a successful shot with his Tika 30-06 rifle and successfully ended the hunt!


1.   Now the real work began, but it wasn't too long before the moose was cleaned, halved, and loaded aboard Mark's Honda Foreman half at a time for the run back to the truck. Two trips later the moose was out, and the guys trailerd the bikes back to the cabin. Congrats to the successful hunters and a trophy set of antlers as well.

Cheers, MIKE

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