June 21, 2008 Southern Harbor ATV Run: (26 Photos)


26.   Having travelled to Southern Harbour many times, and having gone on many ATV rides in that area, one of my favourite destinations is the old Lead Mine Site at LaManche, Placentia Bay.


25.   Leaving from Southern Harbour, its not a long ride as you can access it via local trails and the "old road", but we opted to take the long way around this day.


24.   Terry and Joe were on the Honda TRX 300, Captain H. his Yamaha Grizzly 660 and I of course was riding Project Foreman.


23.   Leaving from Meghan's Gas Bar located on the Trans Canada Highway near the Southern Harbour turn off, we crossed the highway and headed in the Dump Road. There is a trail at the top of the landfill that leads directly to the old railway track, now known as the Newfoundland Trailway Provincial Park.




21.   Turning East we travelled along the track stopping at a couple small ponds to try for a trout. Heading east again, the Trailway crosses under the Highway via a culvert. At the far end of the culvert there is a trail on the Right Hand Side that leads directly to the "old road" where many cabins are situated. Once we reached this road, we turned right and rode for about 2.5km where we came to a fork, the left takes you to LaManche, the right takes you back to the Highway about one kilometre east of Meghan's Gas Bar.


20.   Heading down the trail to LaManche, keeping to the left will take you to the old mine site, where you can still see the piles of mining tailings, the trail to the right takes you to the former community which was completely resettled by 1966.




18.   This Lead Mine is one of the oldest in the province.  Discovered around 1855 it was operating by June of 1858 by an American company along with British mining engineer H.T. Verran (who was the first Mining Engineer to work in Newfoundland).








14.   The mine operated under numerous owners up until about 1930, none of them were overly successful. Today, among the piles of rock you can see the remains of horizontal shafts, trenches, boilers, and part of an old railway tram.




12.   For ATV's, the path to the beach offers a tricky decent over loose rock, and therefore a tricky accent on the return trip.
















4.   At the eastern side of the mine site, there is a great trail that heads inland to a small pond. The trail is very technical in places with deep mud and a couple steep accents.


3.   Leaving the mine site and heading down the other fork to the Community Site we were greeted by a large grassy field where houses once stood, and another rocky beach.


2.   This is a great place for a boil up for lunch and is a nice destination for camping.


1.   All in all its a was a great trip. The area is beautiful, there are challenges for 4wd ATV's if you wish to take them on and a feeling of history as well.


Cheers, MIKE

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