November 8-11, 2007 Moose Hunting Trip: (20 Photos)


20.   This past Fall the guys finally had set of Moose Tags to fill an either sex license for area 36-Southern Shore, so Sooley, Maffer, Mark and Matthew French headed to Maffer's cabin in Tors Cove for the Hunt.


19.   Unsuccessfully trekking the country near Gully Pond Road on the first day the guys acted on a tip on the 2nd day of hunting and set up in a blind further in the same road.


18.   License partners Sooley and Maffer manned the blind,






15.   while retrieval team Matthew and Mark French stayed out the road in search of small game and birds.

They didn't have any luck that morning so everyone headed back to the cabin for a lunch and rest, returning to Gully Pond Road around supper time for an evening hunt.


14.   About an hour before dusk Sooley spotted a young bull from the blind then promptly fired and missed. Taking no chances Maffer took over and made a safe successful kill.




12.   They French with the news got the bikes from the cabin and French soon had the animal dressed and halved.






9.   Mark's Foreman 450es and Sooley's TRX300 certainly worked hard with the heavy load but in true Honda fashion they got the job done with ease.








5.   Back at the cabin, the guys constructed a makeshift hanging rack and got the animal hung and ready for skinning the next day.








1.   All in all it was a successful hunt, tags filled and a lot of fun had by all!


Cheers, MIKE

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