Mike's Product Review:

Simoniz 1800PSI Pressure Washer

Feb. 20, 2020

I don't have a large enough garage, floor & storage space is limited so when it came time to purchase a pressure washer I didn't really have the space to store a high quality large gas powered pressure washer. Instead I picked up this compact electric unit from my local Canadian Tire store during a summer sale.



It features what I believe is a decent level of pressure for the work I will do, a brushless electric motor, quality metal quick change tips and even came with this neat foam cannon which is all the rage lately for vehicle washing.



I tested the foam cannon using super cheap Wal-Mart one gallon jug of car wash soap with decent results (on my recently waxed Silverado HD). There are fancier soaps out there that really lay on a thick coat of foam. All in all I have no idea if it really makes an improvement in washing as you still need to use a car washing brush, mitt or sponge but it looks cool!



All in all I give this machine a 5 star rating, not because it's the best unit on the market but because it does everything I need for a reasonable price, has a very compact size, came with the accessories I need (and actually use) and its been reliable for over 2 years now.

Cheers, Mike

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