Mike's Product Review:

Custom 4' LED Underhood Light

Feb. 20, 2020

This work light started life as a household fixture on sale at Canadian Tire for less than $20 including the Take Charge rebate. Its a 4' LED single row fixture mounted inside a plastic tube no larger than a standard T8 Fluorescent Bulb. It's made to attach to the ceiling and be hardwired or plugged in with the included switch and plug.



Instead I attached 2 rare earth magnets so the light can be quickly temporarily mounted on any ferrous surface such as the under hood of most vehicles, overhead garage door, man door or my steel shelving unit.



It comes in handy particularly on summer evenings when my Overhead door blocks one of my ceiling fixtures.



It's been an invaluable source of quickly set up, hands free, extra illumination while working on projects in the garage.

Cheers, Mike

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