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Free Soldier Camping Hammock

Sept. 1, 2019

First of all, I love my camping Hammock. Its provided the most comfortable nights sleep I've ever had outdoors. It's compact, easy to set up and can be set up over any surface, rocks, wet - it doesn't matter as long as there are trees about 12-15' apart. This particular hammock is an eBay Free Soldier brand shipped direct from China. Similar Hammocks sell locally for $2-300, I didn't want to invest that much for a product I had never used. This Free Soldier Hammock was $50 shipped to my door.



I read a lot of reviews before ordering and when it arrived I was pleased to find that the reviews were accurate, it was a well made product from quality materials.



The hammock is made from a sturdy rip resistant durable nylon bottom, a fly screen top and full length high quality zipper. It's a gathered end hammock and came with very sturdy nylon straps to hang it. The only things I added were 2 short fibreglass poles and some paracord to support the fly screen as pictured above.





My camping set up includes a closed cell foam pad for insulation (which can also be substituted for an under quilt (you do need one or the other) and my North Woods Aleutian sleeping bag for maximum comfort and warmth.





Inside there is lots of room in your bug free man made cocoon. When setting up you need to make sure it's level end to end for maximum comfort.



The first accessory I added was a Hennessey Hex Fly. Hennessey has their own line of high quality, fantastic (but more expensive) hammocks, I chose their Hex Fly as I really like the design over all others I looked at. It was more expensive than my whole hammock, but I was still in a lot of money having saved so much on the purchase of the hammock.





The Hennessey Hex fly has 6 built in tie down ropes, but the greatest feature is that they stay attached to the fly and are stored inside sewn in pockets on each corner.



The last accessory I added to my ensemble was a pair of Hennessey Snake Skin Hammock covers.



These covers make taking down the hammock much easier as you don't get dirt, mud or water anywhere on the tent. They also help protect the ends of the hammock if it starts to rain.



Once the fly screen poles and ropes are taken down I slide the Hennessey Snake skin covers all the way down over the hammock to keep it clean while untying it from the trees.





The whole system is very compact taking up very little space. The top bag stores a spare hanging strap, and all my paracord, the middle bag holds the hammock with snake skins still on, and the bottom bag is (obviously) the Hennessey hex fly. I am more than pleased with these products, they have let me have some of the most exciting outdoor nights sleeps I ever thought possible. Full five stars, would buy again.

Cheers, Mike


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