Duncan's Product Review:

Arctic Oven 10x10 Vestibule Tent

Sept 19 20, 2019

That giant yellow bag on the back of my Yamaha is an Arctic Oven 10x10 tent during a September fishing trip near Paulatuk, North West Territories. We had a few extra things in the bag, but that tent is big to pack. Worth itís weight though in the winter. It comes with an aluminum frame, and is set up with a really robust inner layer and fly. It stands up to enormous winds and is the closest thing Iíve seen to a portable cabin.



Here we are setting up the tent. You can see the inner layer of the tent, which is very breathable. We had no heat inside overnight and the weather was ripe for condensation. The breathable inner kept all the condensation on the fly, and nothing inside the tent.



You have almost 7í of head room at the peak. Lots of room for the 3 of us.



The Arctic Oven has big aluminum poles. Easy to set up too. No messing around with wall tent poles being custom cut from trees (if you can find them). Everything fits together quick.



Iím getting on a tent tangent here, but it's pretty sweet, nothing more I would feel safer in during a tundra storm. They make 8x8 all the way up to 24x24, this was a 10x10, perfect for two people and a wood stove. Their 12x18 is a solid size for a family or hunting group.



The tent came from arcticoventent.com, every spring they usually have a 15% of sale.






Side note, Iíve got one of these stoves for the tent: https://fourdog.com/four-dog-dx-camp-stove. Itís one of the few actual ďairtightĒ camp stoves that Iíve seen out there. Buddy is on and off for making them, but this one I have personally run for 8 hours on just spruce. Normal camp stoves need to be stoked every 2-4 hours and it really fucks with your sleep. This one will just smoulder away if you want it to.



The vestibule is a convenient spot to cook and keep boots & snow out of the tent.



All in all a very solid, well made durable tent. Maybe overkill for a lot of applications, but here on the open tundra of the far north this tent is as close as you can come to a cabin.

Cheers, Duncan

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