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Webber Smokey Joe 14" Grill

February 20, 2020

Webber and I have a well founded history with their propane BBQ's and I can't recommend them enough. They are more expensive than others but they work well, last much longer and are backed by a terrific hassle free 10 year warranty. I always loved traditional charcoal BBQing and had often spied the Webber Smokey Joe in local stores, it was over $50 and never on sale. Much to my surprise I found this Genuine 14" Smokey Joe at Princess Auto last summer for $30!



The Webber BBQ is easy to use, I don't yet have a charcoal starter chimney so I put paper below the bottom rack and stacked real hardwood charcoal on top. I did use a little lighter fluid to get things going but that was long burnt off before cooking began. The paper was easily lit through the bottom vent holes.





Once hot, I spread the charcoal mainly around the left side so I had the option of cooking on direct and indirect heat. I cooked mainly with the cover on to preserve the smoky flavour. You can moderate temperature by open/closing the top & bottom vents, I may install a temperature gauge in the future to better judge cooking temps inside the grill.



My steak came out amazing and I an honestly a little spoiled now after cooling over real hardwood charcoal. Overall this is an awesome portable grill, I couldn't and wouldn't pass up buying it again, especially for the deal I found!



Since the initial review I've added a permanent thermometer to the lid of the grill. This definitely makes grilling easier as you can now monitor temperature and adjust by opening & closing the vents (top & bottom).


Cheers, Mike

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