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Webber Genesis II Grill

February 21, 2022

Webber and I now have a well founded history with their propane BBQ's and I can't recommend them enough. They are more expensive than other brands but they really work well, last much longer and are backed by a terrific hassle free 10 year warranty. I've had this BBQ over 5 years now and its been impeccably reliable despite being outdoors uncovered year round.



This model came from Home Depot and despite the rumours I see no difference in build quality vs units purchased elsewhere. The model selection varies but I don't believe quality does and mine has been torture tested! This unit features cast iron grates which I prefer as they hold the heat great but have to be looked after as not to overheat them and burn off your seasoning (same as a castiron cook pot).

The firebox on the Genesis II is also much more closed in than most of my previous gas grills so flame out is a much more rare occurrence even in windy Torbay, NL. One accessory I added to this model was the optional handle mounted LED light. You press the on button once per session and it automatically comes on with lid raised and off with lid shut. Its great for winter grilling and lights up the cooking grates perfectly.



This model also does not have lower doors which I prefer as prior bbq's with doors either break or encourage a nasty hidden mess under the grill. These open slats are easy to keep clean and looking great, even after 5+ years of service.


Cheers, Mike

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