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Primus WINTER Blend Fuel Canister

Feb. 21, 2022

I've been using my GSI & MSR isobutene stoves regularly now for a few years. They are light, compact and easily portable when storage space for gear is limited. The only problem I found is that the standard fuel canisters such as these black/orange; blue cans from Jetboil; green can from woods and most others is that they don't burn well in winter.



BTU's from both of my stoves drop significantly which greatly increases cooking and boiling time compared to warmer seasons.



I found a potential solution at Outdoor Pros, the Primus Winter Bled fuel in a brown can. According to Primus these fuel canisters feature Vapour Mesh technology. This greatly increases the surface area for liquid fuel to evaporate into a gas state resulting in more fuel to your stove and a stronger flame.



I first tested out the new fuel canister last March and can confirm that the technology actually works! Even at -8C my stove had the same power as a warm fall day which is a drastic improvement over the other cans I previously used. There is no noticeable difference in warmer temperatures so I save the winter fuel cans (which are more expensive) for sub zero excursions.


Cheers, Mike

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