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Kelly Kettle Scout (Stainless)

February 20, 2020

I picked up my Kelly Kettle Scout two years ago and have thoroughly enjoyed using it. These kettles are available in various sizes from the compact Trecker (0.6L), the Scout (1.2L) and all the way to the larger Base Camp (1.6L). They are available in Aluminum (for lightning fast boil times) or Stainless Steel which still has an exceptionally fast boil time but is more resistant to dents & scratches.



I chose the Stainless Scout Ultimate Kit which came with pretty well every accessory they make. It included the Hobo Stove, Stainless Pot , frying pan (also serves as lid for pot), gripper handle, 2 piece BBQ grill, 2 mugs, 2 plates and 2 piece pot support which allows you to cook on top of the chimney while boiling the kettle.



When I take my Kelly Kettle I cut blocks of seasoned dry new 2x4 or 2x6 (usually scrap) lumber cut to 4" lengths then split them at home with my Fiskars Axe. That way when I get in the woods I'm ready to go. You make a small fire in the kettle base, light it and put the kettle on top. Kelly Kettles look large but are hollow inside. The chimney traps a lot of heat and provides a huge surface area to heat the water compared to a traditional kettle hence the exceptionally fast boiling times.



The accessory I use most often is the Hobo Stove pictured above. Its a well designed pot/pan rest that allows you to cook with a pot or frying pan over your the fire. It works very well, is easily refuelled and allows the fire to breath and burn well. I find the Chimney mounted pot rest worked well but the kettle boils so fast it actually boils way faster than it takes to cook what ever you were making on it. I now stick to the Hobo Stove. For more pics and info check out my Hobo Stove Review.



The mugs are also great and the pot is perfect for making Mr. Noodle by boiling water in the kettle, putting 2 cups water in the pot and letting sit with the lid on. The mug has measurements etched on the inside for accurately measuring water.





Note: you must leave the orange silicone stopper out while boiling. There is a green silicone whistle stopper now available that you can leave in place and listen for when the kettle is boiled. They say you can transport the kettle full of water with the orange stopper in place, I haven't been brave enough to try that and carry water bottles with me.







If your careful you can also use the Kelly Kettle on an open campfire as I have been doing this winter. Once the fire is burning with a great bed of coals I lay down two 2" wet, green logs and firmly lay the kettle in place so it's stable. You have to be careful with the wooden handle so it doesn't burn as pictured above. You also can't hang the Kelly Kettle like a traditional kettle as you will burn the handle over the chimney. For a fast boil I thrown some dry kindling down the chimney and the kettle boils very quick.







I absolutely love my Kelly Kettle and wouldn't hesitate purchasing again. I think with the number of accessories I actually use vs what came in the Ultimate Kit this kit still provides a better value than purchasing the Hobo Stove, Mugs, pot and pan/lid separately. Easy 5-star rating.

Cheers, Mike

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