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GSI Pinnacle Stove

February 20, 2020

The GSI Pinnacle is the newest stove in my kit.  I purchased this stove from Outdoor Pros (not a sponsor) to use on our many trailside cook-ups throughout the year. My MSR Superfly stove continues to work well, but it takes longer to cook when it's windy and I can often use 2 stoves depending what I'm preparing (eg marinated moose & rice & boiling the kettle).



The biggest reason for choosing this as my 2nd single burner gas stove was the optional windscreen. I find with my Superfly boiling times are exponentially increased when its breezy or windy. The windscreen on this stove and rowdier burner design solve that problem.







I picked up this stove with the GSI Dualist kit which came with some mugs, bowls and this nice non stick pot all folded up in a tidy kit. It was on sale for a stellar price and too good to pass up given I was originally going to purchase the Pinnacle & Windscreen separately.





Another great feature is that the Pinnacle folds up super compact, even more compact than my Superfly (without the windscreen). It's a great stove that I highly recommend.



I had a chance to try out the GSI Pinnacle on March 15-2020, I used it to boil water to make instant rice and later to boil my Dr. si Kettle. Even though it was breezy the stove worked awesome, no issues with blowing out and the windscreen kept the heat concentrated on the pot. It was faster than my MSR Superfly in similar conditions, but the cold really takes a lot of good out of the gas cylinders. All these stoves work better in warmer temps as the liquid fuel boils a lot less at lower temperatures. All in all, still very impressive.

Cheers, Mike

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