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Snap-On Ratchets & Extensions

Feb. 20, 2020

Snap-On tools are notorious for being very expensive, and for the most part it's just way too much money for hand tools. I still can't see there being a lot of difference in decent quality sockets and wrenches compared to Snap-On. However, when it comes to ratchets no others available around here really compare to these.



I picked up a long handle 3/8" drive and a long handle 1/4" drive ratchets from our local Snap-On truck a couple years ago. The extra length give that extra little bit of leverage on stubborn fasteners.





The big difference in these and big box store ratchets is the quality of the ratchet head. The teeth in Snap-On are quite strong but are also tight fitting and have a finer movement. This is really handy when working in a tight spot and you don't have much room to move the handle.



While purchasing my ratchets, I spied a set of their 3/8" drive Wobble Plus extensions. The set came with 1.5, 3, 4, 6, 8, & 11 inch long extensions.



Like the ratchets these aren't your big box quality extensions. When you fully engage your socket they operate as a fully locked straight ahead extension.



When you partially engage the socket the act as a wobble extension allowing an extra 16 of flexibility when working in tangly spots.



Some tools are just expensive but if you shop smart and pick up tools with great value you'll have a great shop set up, these pieces from Snap-On are a great addition to my tool box that continue to work very well.

Cheers, Mike

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