Mike's Product Review:

Princess Auto Parts Washer

Feb. 20, 2020

My Princess Auto parts washer was actually a gift from my father, which is the best value tools you can get! Its a 3.5 gallon unit which is about 14" wide, 18" long and 11" tall. Its great for small parts like I'm often working on for ATV's, Snowmobiles, Snowblowers, etc. It comes with a built in 110v electric pump and the manufacturer recommends non combustible cleaner but I haven't had any trouble (yet) using Varsol. I'll leave that choice up to you.



I've used the washer on a myriad of projects now from carburetor cleaning, to Honda Snowblower crawler drive transmission cleaning and cleaning up Argo parts. When cleaning something delicate like a carburetor I always use new cleaning fluid. For dirtier projects I recycle my Varsol. When I'm finished cleaning I leave the washer overnight to let the dirt settle. Then I slowly pour the fluid out of the unit into its original container until I just start seeing dirt in the fluid. I dispose of the rest separately and thoroughly clean the bottom of the unit and washer pump.



It's a great inexpensive cleaner. French just picked one up for his garage as it was on sale for less than $75. Overall easy 5-stars.

Cheers, Mike

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