Bassan's Product Review:

CST Self-Leveling Rotary Laser Kit

Apr 15, 2020

Tool: CST/berger RL25HVCK

Specs: Horizontal and vertical dual beam self levelling rotary laser, variable speed and scan angles for interior and exterior applications, single axis slope control for slope applications, 3/32” accuracy at 100’ and an extended range of up to 2000 ft with the RD1 laser beam detector.

Uses: Grading, site prep, concrete form and slab levelling, tile floor layouts, dropped ceiling installations and general construction.

Initial review: The complete kit includes the RL25HCVL rotary laser level, remote control, RD1 laser beam detector, levelling rod, tripod, wall mount bracket and a carrying case.



The self-levelling laser used with the RD1 laser beam detector and levelling rod are great tools for pouring large concrete floors, concrete form installations and transferring grades in general. Once a benchmark is established, the grade or level, can be easily transferred to all points. The RD1 detector emits a beep to indicate level and flashing LED lights indicate the direction to achieve level. The beeping sound is loud and can be turned off leaving just the LED lights to help establish level. The front and back of the RD1 detector show LED level indicators which helps the person using the levelling rod establish heights. The vertical slope feature is used to slope concrete floors, plumbing pipes or septic drainage fields.



The self levelling horizontal and vertical lasers make the layout of 90-degree corners and plumb applications (e.g. interior wall construction and drop ceiling installations) possible. The dual laser capability will also help with large tile floor layouts. Finding square walls to layout a large tile floor is almost always impossible. This laser creates the square reference lines.



The laser level uses 3 x D-size batteries, the RD1 detector a single 9V and the remote uses 2 x AA batteries. Run time is reported to be 55 hrs on the main unit. Rechargeable lithium ion battery packs would have been a better power solution but units with this option are more than double the price.



CST/berger is owned by Bosch Tools so the quality of the unit is not an issue. The CST/berger RL25HVCK rotary laser level is a professional grade product with plenty of great features. It may not be a simple, straight forward setup for the average DIY’er, but with a little patience and reading, setup and use is relatively straight forward. I have used much more expensive TopCon rotary laser levels in the past and this equals in quality and functionality.



The remote control is another nice feature that doesn’t come all models. All laser level functions can be changed at a distance so it’s a one-person operation – especially convenient when establishing a slope. The remote can also put the laser into hibernation which should help extend battery life.



An updated review will be provided after the rotary laser level is put to use. Upcoming jobs will include a few jobs at the St. John’s Rod and Gun Club where we have plans to rebuild another traphouse and pour new concrete shooting pads.

Cheers, A. Bassan

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