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eBay Blind Hole Bearing Puller

Feb. 20, 2020

This blind hole bearing/seal puller kit was a necessary purchase while working on my '85 ATC 250sx trike project when it came time to remove the rear differential pinion bearing. This bearing sits in a pocket inside the aluminum housing and there is literally no way to easily remove it without this special tool.



eBay came to the rescue with this reasonably priced (about $40 CDN) kit. It features 4 different sized clamps that lock onto the far side of the inner bearing race as you tighten the adjusting bolt. The 4 clamp sizes are 10-14mm; 15-19mm; 18-25mm; and 25-32mm.





With the jaws expanded and tight you are ready to pull the bearing.





You simply screw on the slide hammer and knock out the stubborn bearing.




This tool is also indispensible for removing the stubborn centre bearing on Honda Snowblower transmissions.



I set the transmission case on the floor, cover it with a rag, stand on it and operate the slide hammer to easily pull the rusty bearing free.




The blind hole bearing tool is a reasonable priced life saver that deserves a spot in any home shop!


Cheers, Mike

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