Mike's Product Review:

Ultimate Chain Saw Sharpener

February 22, 2022

I picked up this Stihl chainsaw file at my local dealer after reading a lot of favourable reviews on our local Woodcutting Boys Facebook group and YouTube.



It seemed like a great idea, the handle holds 2 round files for left and right side filing of the teeth, one flat file for automatically taking down the rakers, and has guides which rest on the previous and next tooth for perfect file alignment. It also has angle guides & directions printed on the file to guide you in your chore.



When you go to buy one, double check your bar and chain to make sure you purchase the correct file for your set-up as they are available in may sizes.



Using the file is as easy as the printed instructions state, the file rests perfectly on the chain, all you have to do is swing it. Perfect for inexperienced and experience sharpeners alike.





When I went to pick up a 2nd one for my mini top handle saw which has a 3/8" chain my dealer had the option of a knock off brand sharpener set up identically as the Stihl unit.



I picked it up and found it to work just as well as the more expensive set as it's made identically. Overall I highly recommend this sharpener, its definitely the ultimate tool for people new or infrequent to chainsaw sharpening.


Cheers, Mike

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