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eBay CS2500 Top Handle Chainsaw

Feb. 20, 2020

Mark French has been carrying a small Husqvarna top handle chainsaw in his Argo for a few years now and its been an absolutely awesome tool to have onboard. It makes short work of removing trail obstacles and completing tasks such as gathering firewood for a backwoods cook out.



Having read many great reviews and long term tests on Joncutter and many other direct from China top handle chainsaws I decided to take a risk and throw down $150 to get one of these sent directly to my door via eBay. There are a lot of brand name options and varying prices but most of these saws are very similar in build if not exactly the same.



The saw is lightweight and super compact fitting in my small rear Moose Country ATV box with ease. I'm running this saw on Stihl premixed fuel (remixed from 50:1 to the recommended 25:1 for this saw). The beauty of these premixed fuels is that they remain stable for 2-3 years after opening the can so fuel doesn't go bad inside the saw.



The saw is a 25cc 2-stroke with automatic oiler, chain brake, and a 12" greaseable roller tip bar. The included 3/8" chain works well but I'll pick up a good quality Oregon Chain to have on hand as a spare.



I got a chance to test out the CS2500 recently on an ATV ride near my house in Torbay. I came across a tree blown down across the path, the saw started easily and cut down and bucked the log quickly with absolutely no trouble.







Overall I'm super pleased with this relatively inexpensive purchase. It works well, is light weight and compact. As of now I would absolutely purchase again.

Cheers, Mike

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