Mike's Product Review:

Streamlight ProTac HL USB

Feb. 20, 2020

This past fall I finally invested in a great quality headlamp. I was on the fence between a couple different lights, but having had great success with my other Streamlight Flashlights I stayed true to the brand and ordered this awesome ProTac HL USB Headlamp.



This unit is a beast with 1000 lumens and a beam distance of 232 meters and 13,500 candela. Another bonus is that it uses the same battery as my ProTac USB flashlight which means I always have a spare.



The flashlight is easily recharged via a micro USB port on the underside and has a convenient Red/Green indicator LED so you know when it's fully charged.




This light proved extremely useful on its maiden voyage on opening morning Moose Hunting 2019 when it illuminated 3 large moose just before daybreak. The amazing performance of this headlamp absolutely led to the successful harvest that morning as soon as it came to legal shooting time one half hour before sunrise!


All in all another extremely well made, handy and very bright Streamlight product that I would highly recommend to anyone.

Cheers, Mike

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