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Milwaukee LED Work Light w/USB

Feb. 20, 2020

After breaking my old 110v corded shop light I decided to go cordless when I went shopping for a new one. Milwaukee has a fantastic and very diverse lineup of cordless tools and this light did not disappoint.



This light uses M18 batteries like most of my tools.



In work light mode it has 3 columns of LED's pointed in one direction for lots of illumination.



With a twist of the black dial it changes to lantern mode for 360 illumination, great for power outages of camping!



Rear view during work light mode.



Another great feature of this light is a USB power output for charging all sorts of USB items even mobile phones.







Runtime depends on what capacity battery you have installed but I went 8 hours + runtime on high and recharging my phone on the included USB charge port on my small M18 battery pack during my recent overnight hammock camping adventure. All in all an awesome tool for work, home or in the woods.

Cheers, Mike

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