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GoalZero Crush Light LED Lantern

Feb. 20, 2020

I found this neat lantern at Bass Pro and its proven to be just as handy as I imagined when I bought it.



This LED lantern has collapsible silicone sides that fold down flat just like my Sea to Summit X-pots for optimum compact travel.



It has a built in solar panel for easy no hassle daytime recharging, however it can also be recharged via the micro USB port.



The on/off switch lets you choose from three light intensities which will give a run time of about 5 hours on high (60 lumens) to 35 hours on low.



60 Lumens doesn't sound like a lot but in a pitch black campsite it's plenty of light to easily and safely walk about.



This light is also available in a Chroma version which will illuminate in 6 selectable colours.



All in all for its size and compactness this is an amazing light for overnight camping. The fact that it self recharges makes things a lot easier when your away from civilization. Would recommend and would buy again.

Cheers, Mike

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