Mike's Product Review:

Work Sharp Field Sharpener

February 20, 2020

I picked up this Work Sharp Guided Field Sharpener at Cabela's on a whim because it looked to be a great product. Thankfully my intuition was right and I've been very happy with the purchase.



The sharpener has a two diamond hones (coarse & fine) with a built in guide to start your blade at 20 degrees.



Then you move on to the ceramic stone which has a fine, super fine and a fish hook side with blade guides set at 25 degrees.



For a super sharp edge you can finish on the leather strop using the built in guide set at 25 degrees. Overall this is a simple, quick, easily portable sharpener that I use all the time at home, hunting and in the garage. Value for the dollar and time invested while sharpening its very hard to beat!

Cheers, Mike

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