Mike's Product Review:

Outdoor Edge RazorPro

February 20, 2020

I have been using Outdoor Edge hunting knives for awhile now and I have yet to be disappointed. The Razor series of knives are next level especially for those that want a surgically sharp edge but not the hassle of re-sharpening!



The Razor series of knives have a 3.5" Japanese 420J2 stainless steel replaceable blade that is similar in thickness and design as a box cutter, but has a nice hunting friendly profile.



At the press of a button the blade is released from the sturdy (black) holder and can be swapped instantly for a brand new blade. The knife came with 3 or 4 extra replacement blades, 6- pack replacements are available at just about every outdoor supply shop.



These knives are available in the RazorLite as a single blade folding knife, I chose the RazorPro which adds this second independently folding gut ripping blade that safely opens up your game without accidentally piercing intenal organs and spoiling meat.





In 2019 I had trouble with my first Generation RazorPro where it would not release the blade. (The broken tip is from me trying to pull out the blade with pliers). A quick email to Outdoor Edge and they emailed a form to fill out and mail back my knife. Their fantastic lifetime warranty replaced my knife with zero hassle and I now have a second generation RazorPro. Excellent product that I would highly recommend.

Cheers, Mike

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