Mike's Product Review:

Georgecraft Custom Knives

February 21, 2022

A couple years ago I came across Georgecraft Woodworking on Facebook and ordered a beautiful custom designed axe made from Damascus steel. It was an awesome process and I soon after contacted the owner Walter George about having an ULU knife made.



Walter did not disappoint and after making a drawing we soon had a custom one off ULU blade back from his blacksmith who makes all of Georgecraft's blades to order. This blade was beautifully hand crafted with ladder pattern Damascus.



As a wood worker Walter does all the finishing work including handle in your choice of wood, and in this case a custom carrying/storage box and sharpening. I chose beautiful Zebra wood for my handle.



Even the custom made Maple box is outstanding and fits the blade perfectly.







I initially purchased this blade for skinning moose but I have also found it extremely handy in the kitchen where it sees occasional light work. Once again it was a fantastic buying experience and Walter was a great guy to work with.



A few months later crew member Brad Janes ordered his own custom knife from Georgecraft, a beautiful Damascus steel kitchen knife with custom wooden sheath. It's another outstandingly beautiful piece.

If you're interested in purchasing a custom knife, axe or a myriad of custom wooden products search Georgecraft Woodworking on Facebook and let Walter know Mike from Shed-Headz recommended him!


Cheers, Mike

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